Mark Minasi, Mark Russinovich, Myself, Don Jones and Jeffrey Snover
Mark Minasi, Mark Russinovich, Myself, Don Jones and Jeffrey Snover

My passion is to help others, especially around the areas of DevOps and automation. I’m proud to be an author at Pluralsight, and you can find many of my videos there, however here is a list of other work that I have done along with some wonderful and amazing guests that have joined me. Maybe you can find something helpful here!

Pluralsight links: 

  1. Pluralsight – Implementing PowerShell Just Enough Administration (JEA)
  2. Pluralsight – Ethical Hacking: Cryptography
  3. Pluralsight – Play by Play – Nano Server with Andrew Mason
  4. Pluralsight – Play by Play – The Application Platform in Windows Server 2016 with Andrew Mason
  5. Pluralsight – Play by Play – Elastic Scale and Consistency with Azure Automation DSC with Michael Greene
  6. Pluralsight – Play by Play – Open Source Projects from the PowerShell Team with Joey Aiello
  7. Pluralsight – Play by Play – Just Enough Administration (JEA) with Ryan Puffer
  8. Pluralsight – Play by Play – The Science Behind Microsoft Exams with Liberty Munson
  9. Pluralsight – Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) exam
  10. Pluralsight – Windows Server 2012R2 (70-410) MCSA with Greg Shields
  11. Pluralsight – Security for CompTIA Server +
  12. Pluralsight – Troubleshooting for CompTIA Server +

Getting started and advancing with PowerShell:

  1. Microsoft Virtual Academy – PowerShell Jump Start with Jeffrey Snover
  2. Microsoft Virtual Academy – PowerShell Jump Start with Jeffrey Snover – Advanced Tools and Scripting
  3. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Getting Started with PowerShell Desired State Configuration with Jeffrey Snover
  4. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Advanced PowerShell Desired State Configuration with Jeffrey Snover
  5. MCP Insider Series – Ask Me Anything (AMA) featuring Jeffrey Snover
  6. – Up and Running with PowerShell v5
  7. – PowerShell Web Access

PowerShell Related:

  1. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell with Kamal Abburi
  2. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Using PowerShell for Active Directory with Ashley McGlone

Other Technologies:

  1. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Core Solutions for Exchange 2013 Jump Start with Mike Pfeiffer
  2. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Managing Exchange Online Using Microsoft Online Console with Kamal Abburi
  3. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Top Support Issues for Exchange Online with Kamal Abburi
  4. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Best Practice Series: Exchange Server 2013 with Kamal Abburi
  5. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Exchange Online Integration with Office 365 with Kamal Abburi
  6. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Migrating to Exchange Online with Kamal Abburi
  7. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Configure and Manage Archive Solutions for Exchange with Jay Cotton
  8. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Design, Implement and Manage Unified Messaging for Skype with Jay Cotton
  9. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Deploy and Manage Mobility Solutions with Jay Cotton
  10. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Develop Backup and Recovery solutions for Exchange 2013 with Jay Cotton

Other Videos:

  1. CBTNuggets – Administration of IIS 
  2. CBTNuggets – Microsoft Exchange Server 2013