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To Answer, or not to Answer

I want to ask your opinion on something, a PowerShell question in fact, but I need to set the stage before I do.

Suppose you want to learn something, a skill perhaps that is important to you. Maybe it helps with your daily job or some hobby you love – could even change your career. From past experience, you know that to learn a new skill, it will require additional knowledge, practice, recognition ...

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#PowerShell Desired State Configuration with Jeffrey Snover

There are times in your life when you know – the very moment as it happens – that you have had one of the greatest moments in your life. That happened to me for the last 48 hrs – shooting a very challenging and important video series (Live) with one of the most important innovators in the world, and my hero. The honor to even be in the same room made this amazing. I hope that the 

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My Christmas Present – Author for Pluralsight

MY Christmas present arrived, along with a New Year resolution. I’m now a full-time author at Pluralsight.  Look for future technical blog post here!

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Something is about to change

So, something is about to change, both in my job and posts to this long forgotten blog. Soon, there will be new announcements and posts…so I hope to build back the trust and followers of the past.  Starting January 2015, expect to see more here and still at PowerShell.Org.

I look forward to seeing and talking with everyone!



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Microsoft Windows PowerShell MVP

I am humbled, honored, and very grateful to have received an email today stating that I have been re-awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Profession award (MVP) for Windows PowerShell. The true award goes to the architect Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover, along with Kenneth Hanson, Erin Chapple and the entire PowerShell product team. Combine all this hard work with the most generous community – striving to help others learn, improving the product, and creating a welcoming environment – and you get ...

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