Jason Helmick

Jason is an IT Ops consultant and teacher. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 30 years focused on strategic IT business planning. He’s a highly successful IT author, columnist, lecturer, and instructor with a speciality of DevOps and automation practices for the IT Ops professional and Cloud Architect. He’s an avid contributor to the PowerShell community, a Cloud and DataCenter Management MVP (Formerly PowerShell) and former founder and board member (COO/CFO) of PowerShell.Org.

Jason is the author of “Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches” and “PowerShell: TFM” based on the highly successful instructional design “The Nine Principles of Highly Effective Design” by Don Jones. He is also contributing author to “PowerShell Deep Dives”.

He has been a columnist for TechNet Magazine and TechTarget along with many other industry publications.

He is featured by Microsoft along with the inventor of PowerShell Jeffrey Snover, in the Microsoft Virtual Academy series on PowerShell. Jason built a CBT Nugget video series on Microsoft IIS and how to effectively manage IIS in the real world and a first look at PowerShell v5 at Lynda.com 

Jason currently is an Author for Pluralsight. For a complete list of video titles, see the Video page

He can be contacted on Twitter: @theJasonHelmick